In June of this year, I began working out at CrossFit Lake Mirror. The results I’ve achieved over the intervening period give cause for optimism in my physical well-being. The results in my golf game began showing a month or so into the program, however, I still often struggle with my constantly strengthening body. Stretches of brilliance (a 75 at Rolling Oaks, an 80 at Streamsong Red) are interspersed with stretches of struggling to break 90.

This morning, I ran continuously for five miles for the first time in my life. Earlier this week I broke the three mile barrier for the first time. This meteoric rise lead me to a bit of not-unearned-but-untested optimism for my round today on the Red Course. These hopes were quickly dashed as my brand new Titleist Pro-V1 (MSRP: $49.50 per dozen) plopped into the thirty-feet deep phosphate lake well right of my target landing area from the first tee.

Humility is healthy, back to the WODs tomorrow and back to the golf on Tuesday.

Coil over the ball, pause at the top, and finish the golf swing.

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