Edward Hopper in the Digital Age…

…or how I’m probably creeping some people out in Starbucks.

Artist Edward Hopper sometimes captured scenes depicting the increasingly public view of private moments that urban culture thrust upon society during the industrialization of America. I came to Starbucks to mainly use the WiFi connection and have tea. I found the dining area awash with college students working on one thing or the other. The fact that I could see, with little need for subterfuge, the patrons avoiding their primary task with Facebook or texting struck me as odd.

Going to a public place, to work, while interacting with others through electronic media.

I’d really like to chat with some of these people, but I’d just be interrupting. 


Edward Hopper’s Chop Suey

Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks (prominently displayed in my apartment)

Nighthawks addresses the subject of urban isolation as none of the customers at the diner interact and all seem preoccupied with their thoughts. While some here work in groups, each “pod” of workers interact only with themselves.

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