Five Golf Maintenance Practices I Abhor (And Why You Should, Too!)

Best practices in an profession are often the result of years of experience, learning, and in some cases like the Accountancy, pending or past litigation or legislation. Though the golf world often invokes passionate opinion amongst its population, the relative lack of worldly importance in daily golf maintenance means that the drive to truly optimize... Continue Reading →

Without Undue Delay: Playing Efficient Golf

I am well-known in my golfing circles for playing quickly. Growing up on a local municipal course, often with the need to finish between the end of school and dark, I developed a series of quick play habits that are not often developed by other golfers. I advocate fairly loudly for a movement to decrease... Continue Reading →

The Golf Industry’s Adolescence

My best friend of well over a decade allows me to indulge in conversation about golf and the golf industry frequently and I very much respect and consider his insight. He does not play or even enjoy the game but our desire to have lively discussion tends to trump those seeming shortcomings. I convinced him... Continue Reading →

Who put that $%&#@* hole there?

...or how I learned to stop worrying and love the game. Last week's topic of general setup guidelines begs a few questions, especially on definitions for difficulty. Golfers constantly encounter hole locations or course setup nuances that are quickly labeled as "unfair" or "difficult." Seeking a fair examination of one's game is in the nature... Continue Reading →

The Role of the Assistant Superintendent

Perhaps one of the most varied roles in the golf course maintenance business is that of the assistant superintendent. While this position almost categorically implies a management role on a golf maintenance staff, the actual level and areas of management vary greatly depending on the superintendent for whom the assistant works, the level of maintenance... Continue Reading →

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