St. Andrew’s (Old): The Icon of Golf’s Sporting Roots

My twitter feed, set afire a week ago by the announced changes to St. Andrew's Old, has finally calmed down. The surprisingly swift - and broad reaching - uproar over the changes dominated like no other issue in the past year. Naturally, this is a result of my bias toward golf-related accounts and issues and... Continue Reading →

Lake Nona

I met with a golfing companion yesterday at Lake Nona. While walking to the putting green awaiting his arrival, I noticed a golf cart with two Notre Dame Football bumper stickers and a lanky man sitting in it. I nodded and moved along to the putting green. Thinking it over, I realized the man bore... Continue Reading →

Lifetime Memory

Sometime earlier this year Ben Crenshaw made a site visit to Streamsong. I drove up to speak with Rusty Mercer, our superintendent and my boss, about some trivial matter while Ben hit a few chip shots into the ninth green of the Red Course. Ben turned to Rusty with a beaming smile on his face:... Continue Reading →

The Golf Industry’s Adolescence

My best friend of well over a decade allows me to indulge in conversation about golf and the golf industry frequently and I very much respect and consider his insight. He does not play or even enjoy the game but our desire to have lively discussion tends to trump those seeming shortcomings. I convinced him... Continue Reading →

Who put that $%&#@* hole there?

...or how I learned to stop worrying and love the game. Last week's topic of general setup guidelines begs a few questions, especially on definitions for difficulty. Golfers constantly encounter hole locations or course setup nuances that are quickly labeled as "unfair" or "difficult." Seeking a fair examination of one's game is in the nature... Continue Reading →

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