One of my favorite settings at Streamsong, and also the largest in-play putting surface. Setup versatility allows for a distance covering any iron club in the bag, and perhaps a few wood/metals in the correct wind. The pond banks here are a maintenance challenge, and I captured this photo after one of our most thorough... Continue Reading →

Had my camera along for my new cart's maiden voyage this morning. The sun peaked through the clouds around 7:45, striking Blue #5 particularly effectively.

Standing out (and alone) amidst the hoopla leading up to Streamsong's opening; the numerous writers, photographers, and pundits all clamoring for a first-take prior to our opening, is Stephen Szurlej. Like every first time visitor, Stephen could not find the golf maintenance building on the back roads of all-the-way-hell-and-gone Polk County and my first impression... Continue Reading →

I decided to update the look and theme here. Obviously a work in progress. Coming soon: More image posts!


I cleaned 205# last night, from the hang position. Truth I never expected to clean over 200#, ever. Not last night, walking into a workout where I didn't really want to be. Not the previous three weeks where attempts at 200# fell on the ground in a failed lift. Not when I told myself months... Continue Reading →

Finding Balance: A Look at my Lifestyle Choices

Well, this post will diverge tangentially from my normal subject matter. I feel rather passionate about the thoughts I am about to share. First, let's take a look at what finally pushed me over the edge to sit down and write about this: Yes, that Mara Wilson of Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire fame. As... Continue Reading →

Edward Hopper in the Digital Age…

...or how I'm probably creeping some people out in Starbucks.Artist Edward Hopper sometimes captured scenes depicting the increasingly public view of private moments that urban culture thrust upon society during the industrialization of America. I came to Starbucks to mainly use the WiFi connection and have tea. I found the dining area awash with college... Continue Reading →

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