Development of the NPOR Style Guide: Attacking the Hole

Many of the posts on this site use the phrase, "attack the hole." In context (from this post): "The wise player will drive to the larger portion of the fairway away from the bunkers and attack the hole with a full pitch from a level lie." In general, attacking the hole indicates a shot played... Continue Reading →

Development of the NPOR Style Guide: Introduction

Inspired golf writing occurs when the writer is able to capture the spirit and story of a round of golf. As with many games and sport, golf requires emotional control. Uniquely, golf features a passive antagonist which incites and compels players to certain emotional states throughout the round. A golfer can dissociate himself from an... Continue Reading →

Who put that $%&#@* hole there?

...or how I learned to stop worrying and love the game. Last week's topic of general setup guidelines begs a few questions, especially on definitions for difficulty. Golfers constantly encounter hole locations or course setup nuances that are quickly labeled as "unfair" or "difficult." Seeking a fair examination of one's game is in the nature... Continue Reading →

Golf Course Image Crops

The horizontal crop emphasized the uphill nature of the tough approach into the eighteenth green. I've always liked the view of the flag-stick peeking over the bunkers in the hillside. The green extends further right of the flag-stick than the bunkering suggests, so much so that this seemingly middle hole location is actually closer to the left edge.

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