Some Cleveland Heights Photos

Photos from a few weeks ago at Cleveland Heights. Captions label the current routing of the hole as well as the original routing by William Flynn in parenthesis where appropriate. Discovering that the original 11th tee still existed in the form of a forward tee today has enhanced my enjoyment of The Heights. While the... Continue Reading →

The First Holes

I bought a Canon 55-250 telephoto lens, with appropriate UV, and Circular Polarizing Filters. The results have been fun. One of my new favorite photos from Streamsong. I'm standing on Blue #1. Red #1 is in the center of the photo, with Black #1 in the background. The resolution on the Dragline, probably ten miles... Continue Reading →

Five Golf Maintenance Practices I Abhor (And Why You Should, Too!)

Best practices in an profession are often the result of years of experience, learning, and in some cases like the Accountancy, pending or past litigation or legislation. Though the golf world often invokes passionate opinion amongst its population, the relative lack of worldly importance in daily golf maintenance means that the drive to truly optimize... Continue Reading →

While we played Streamsong Red on Friday, Mark McKeever mentioned he liked this group of bunkers on #12; the likes of which I am also fond. This pleased me because they are not terribly visible from anywhere but the extreme right side of the corridor and most play is well to the left of these... Continue Reading →

One of my favorite settings at Streamsong, and also the largest in-play putting surface. Setup versatility allows for a distance covering any iron club in the bag, and perhaps a few wood/metals in the correct wind. The pond banks here are a maintenance challenge, and I captured this photo after one of our most thorough... Continue Reading →

Had my camera along for my new cart's maiden voyage this morning. The sun peaked through the clouds around 7:45, striking Blue #5 particularly effectively.

Standing out (and alone) amidst the hoopla leading up to Streamsong's opening; the numerous writers, photographers, and pundits all clamoring for a first-take prior to our opening, is Stephen Szurlej. Like every first time visitor, Stephen could not find the golf maintenance building on the back roads of all-the-way-hell-and-gone Polk County and my first impression... Continue Reading →

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