Friday Coffee: 14 Apr 2017

A day of major purchases. I am coming to you live from a footrest, as the chair I used has broken. Chair is perhaps a grandiose term for it. Alas, in the words of Jaeger Kovich: “She gone.”

This Week in the Cross Fitness

A “Jackie” PR. Always good when you crush your all-time favorite workout. The Thrusters were slow, somewhat by design as I am still attempting to not-tweak my knee. The pull-ups were glorious.

I did tweak the knee a bit mobilizing yesterday, but it seems to be nothing lingering. I’ve returned to some limited squatting, as well. The de-load week is a welcome change facilitating that end.

Fortunately, I am on an upswing because I feel like motivation in the coming weeks may be a bit lacking. I’ve managed to keep the scale under 190# for the week so we are approaching my goal of maintaining 185-190#.

The Joy of Golf

Range time well-spent all week. Contact now seems to vary based on my swing plane and I am working on staying flatter than previous felt “right.”

“You are never wrong if you’re working on swing plane.”

-Ben Hogan, or maybe it was Weiskopf? Demaret?

Going Through the Motions

As my tone above suggests, this is a bit of a going-through-the-motions posts. I am drained. Life, at present, seems to be composed of the sum of a serious very small transitions that are all adding up. Superficial nonsense like a new phone (and desk chair!) are cumbersome when combined with some personal re-tooling and employee drama at work. I’ll bounce back, but this morning has been foggy.

Picture of the Week

What is likely the last photo taken with my old phone. Grainy, unfocused, yet still gets the point across.


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