Your Data are not My Problem: A Statement

Sometime in the throes of a State College, PA Winter, 2002-2003: For a golfer, a PS2 and 8" of fresh snow could be a dangerous thing. Does the name "'Pops' Masterson" mean anything to you? Anyway, if those two sentences painted visions of shooting a 54 around The Old Course, or taking gaudy lines on... Continue Reading →

The Populism of Modern Golf: A Plea for Sanity

I never shy away from "the divot conversation" on social media. Call it my brand. Ironically to the tenor of this essay is that in doing so I feed the beast of generating clicks and engagement such posts are attempting to generate. They do check all the boxes though, don't they? A modern-looking, well-dressed person... Continue Reading →


We, the golf social media consumer, see it almost daily on any well-curated feed. The dynamic/attractive/engaging influencer-host of your particular niche of golf is standing on the teeing area of a destination course - likely on their dime - and begins the video: "Today, we're standing on the "Watts Gunn" tees of the beautiful Par... Continue Reading →

Friday Coffee: 7 Apr 2017

A tradition like many others. That's Not Saucy Living I spent the week successfully avoiding my "snooze" button. Assisting thing effort is preparing a light morning meal and coffee prior to leaving for work around 4:20AM. I awoke this morning to prepare coffee in order to write this post at my normal time. Whoops. Out... Continue Reading →

Friday Coffee: 31 Mar 2017

Glorious sleep. After a rough week or so of sleeping, I finally managed to get into a deep dream state last night. Despite those troubles I managed a fairly alert week with little daytime fatigue. A gorgeous week of weather probably helped my general attitude as well. Summer is knocking on the door. Florida springs... Continue Reading →

Some Cleveland Heights Photos

Photos from a few weeks ago at Cleveland Heights. Captions label the current routing of the hole as well as the original routing by William Flynn in parenthesis where appropriate. Discovering that the original 11th tee still existed in the form of a forward tee today has enhanced my enjoyment of The Heights. While the... Continue Reading →

The First Holes

I bought a Canon 55-250 telephoto lens, with appropriate UV, and Circular Polarizing Filters. The results have been fun. One of my new favorite photos from Streamsong. I'm standing on Blue #1. Red #1 is in the center of the photo, with Black #1 in the background. The resolution on the Dragline, probably ten miles... Continue Reading →

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