Friday Coffee: 7 Apr 2017

A tradition like many others.

That’s Not Saucy Living

I spent the week successfully avoiding my “snooze” button. Assisting thing effort is preparing a light morning meal and coffee prior to leaving for work around 4:20AM. I awoke this morning to prepare coffee in order to write this post at my normal time.

Whoops. Out of coffee.

A quick trip to Mitchell’s and we are back in business.

This week in The Cross Fitness

I am taking a few weeks off from heavy squatting. With that being said, The Joy of Movement is in full force as I shift focus to the gymnastics elements. This week found similar advances in the HSPU and Pull-ups categories, including some Chest-to-bar motivation from the always beautiful Brittany. Okay, I felt like my manhood was challenged. Either way, best set of Chest-to-bar pull-ups ever.

I’m also still leaning out a bit, and the yesterday pegged the scale at a new low of 191.2 pounds. No noticeable drop in strength numbers and my cardio performance seems to be improving.

Was that… a divot?

In what is likely the most dedication I’ve given to practice since 2005, I hit balls on the range every day this week. The improved ball striking paid dividends on the after-work six I played on Red, and I managed to stick an 80-yard wedge shot tight on Red #4 with a lively bit of back spin. The sheer Joy of Movement in this cannot be understated and this section has paired amazingly well with the above section for a satisfying physical experience this week.

The setup advice our former-club-professional-turned-semi-retired-Starter Colin gave me is coupling well with my re-tooling of my takeaway and release. For the first time in my golfing career, I feel the muscle stability of a slower, more tempered, less violent golf swing. Perhaps the biggest and most overlooked aspect of strength is not in the raw power elements but in the elements of muscular control.

Photograph of the Week


A Wood Duck pair on Lake Morton. They were so far out in the lake that I thought they were coots at first until I started post-processing the photo.

Final Thought

Difficult to not be rooting for Ernie Els this week at Augusta.

Has there ever been a era of Major Championship golf with as many people for whom to root?


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