Friday Coffee: 28 Apr 2017

Guess what? I'm writing this barefoot, too. This Week in the Cross Fitness A fairly standard week of CrossFit is almost in the books, with one of my favorite test workouts this evening. Thanks to Josh Duncan, I managed to slow down my double-under turn and jump a bit higher. This has me in a... Continue Reading →

Friday Coffee: 7 Apr 2017

A tradition like many others. That's Not Saucy Living I spent the week successfully avoiding my "snooze" button. Assisting thing effort is preparing a light morning meal and coffee prior to leaving for work around 4:20AM. I awoke this morning to prepare coffee in order to write this post at my normal time. Whoops. Out... Continue Reading →

Some Cleveland Heights Photos

Photos from a few weeks ago at Cleveland Heights. Captions label the current routing of the hole as well as the original routing by William Flynn in parenthesis where appropriate. Discovering that the original 11th tee still existed in the form of a forward tee today has enhanced my enjoyment of The Heights. While the... Continue Reading →

I decided to update the look and theme here. Obviously a work in progress. Coming soon: More image posts!

Edward Hopper in the Digital Age…

...or how I'm probably creeping some people out in Starbucks.Artist Edward Hopper sometimes captured scenes depicting the increasingly public view of private moments that urban culture thrust upon society during the industrialization of America. I came to Starbucks to mainly use the WiFi connection and have tea. I found the dining area awash with college... Continue Reading →

I Live in a Small Town

Spending more time about Lakeland; either running, working out, or at Black & Brew has bred some level of familiarity with the cast of players around my particular social corner. On my past two runs around Lake Mirror I would pass a bearded man with the stunning resemblance to a hefty John McCrea from Cake.... Continue Reading →

In June of this year, I began working out at CrossFit Lake Mirror. The results I've achieved over the intervening period give cause for optimism in my physical well-being. The results in my golf game began showing a month or so into the program, however, I still often struggle with my constantly strengthening body. Stretches... Continue Reading →

Settling In

With the construction of Streamsong nearing completion and the transition to a open-for-play golf course well under way, finding time to parse through the last eighteen months of my professional and golf development will become easier.This monumental task involves working through the thousands of construction photos, notes and challenges we faced in preparing the golf... Continue Reading →

Name Change

Thursday the Tweflth day's are numbered as the name for this page. I incorrectly figured the title would add a clever undertone to the page but I now feel limited by it. Soon I will publish a "style guide" to define the meaning of some of the phrasing used in past and future articles, by... Continue Reading →

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