Strategic Hazards: Why Every Dogleg Doesn’t Need a Bunker

I am currently in a discussion on Golf Club Atlas about the strategic nature of a bunker on the fourth hole at Galloway National. Elements of the discussion highlight some of the differences in perception of strategy in golf, as well as what features introduce strategic thinking. No single authority exists which define the nuances... Continue Reading →

Who put that $%&#@* hole there?

...or how I learned to stop worrying and love the game. Last week's topic of general setup guidelines begs a few questions, especially on definitions for difficulty. Golfers constantly encounter hole locations or course setup nuances that are quickly labeled as "unfair" or "difficult." Seeking a fair examination of one's game is in the nature... Continue Reading →

Golf Course Image Crops

The horizontal crop emphasized the uphill nature of the tough approach into the eighteenth green. I've always liked the view of the flag-stick peeking over the bunkers in the hillside. The green extends further right of the flag-stick than the bunkering suggests, so much so that this seemingly middle hole location is actually closer to the left edge.

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