Name Change

Thursday the Tweflth day’s are numbered as the name for this page. I incorrectly figured the title would add a clever undertone to the page but I now feel limited by it. Soon I will publish a “style guide” to define the meaning of some of the phrasing used in past and future articles, by this point I want to have the new name in place.

While I don’t give too much credence to identifying with a strong brand, I became disappointed with the page name after a Google search earlier today. “Thursday the Twelfth” combined with “Tobacco Road” did not immediately scream “golf” or “golf architecture.” To those that suggested I change the name very early on in this project, I apologize for my stubborn refusal. Your suggestion was not in vain and I now see your point.

Possible new webpage names with a rules of golf theme:

  • “The Nearest Point of Relief”
  • “Within Two Club Lengths”
  • “Through The Green”

I like the idea of taking a commonly heard phrase from the rules of golf for the name. Please comment any other suggestions or likes and dislikes.

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