Settling In

With the construction of Streamsong nearing completion and the transition to a open-for-play golf course well under way, finding time to parse through the last eighteen months of my professional and golf development will become easier.

This monumental task involves working through the thousands of construction photos, notes and challenges we faced in preparing the golf course for play and agronomically. I believe that many of the methods introduced to our native soil (triple-processed mine tailings with virtually no CEC or field capacity) may prove valuable to many golf courses. Also, the opportunity to share my first hand accounts of constructing a unique golf facility with two of the leading architecture firms in the country excites me. Presenting the aesthetic side of golf architecture especially excites me because I have tended to neglect this aspect in the past.

Personally, I am settling into life in Lakeland, FL and using my golf and CrossFit to grow an increasing and rewarding social circle.

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